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Our Story

Our journey started in the year 1990. Dr. Malti Khaitan did an extensive course on Bach flower
remedies following which she started her own practice which spanned decades. She was the first ever practitioner of Indian flower remedies in modern history. Her passion was rooted in the belief that every individual was deeply tied to their environment, regardless of their own awareness towards it. This convinced her to study the remedial qualities of Indian flowers in depth. The joy and fulfilment she found in helping treat patients of a variety of ailments made her delve deeper into the subject eventually developing an effective and natural range of 81 remedies.

A true testament to her passion was when In 2008, Late Dr Malti Khaitan filed her body of works in the form of a thesis on ‘Flowers that Heal’, and was awarded a Ph.D. in Alternative Medicine from the Indian Board of Alternative Medicines. She was a Registered Medical Practitioner with her own flower cure clinic. This achievement was also recognised by the then Hon’ble President Smt. Pratibha Patil who lauded her work on revitalising this aspect of our Indian heritage.

Here, we strive to make this her legacy fulfilled!


The flower remedies have a mysterious and subtle influence upon feelings and release the necessary stress and unease. These flower remedies are totally safe for newborn babies as well as old people. These remedies are also effective for pets. They are made 100% naturally from spring water infused with wild flowers, either by the sun-steeped method or by boiling. The Remedies contain 27% grape-based brandy as a preservative; -OR- the alcohol-free versions are preserved in glycerin made from sunflowers. It is impossible to overdose with the Flower Remedies, as they are natural and safe. We can drink a whole bottle of remedies and not “overdose.”. However, if we think that “more is better” we are wrong.



Aloe Leaves

Popular Flower Remedies


1. Aloe vera – to calm irritation, loudness, workaholic.

2. Amaltas – to ease dread and terror, and dissipate anger

3. Ashoka – in case of trauma, disease or failure

4. Asparagus – for rejuvenation of body, mind and spirit

5. Ashwagandha – to counteract giddiness and fainting

6. Banana – an excellent health tonic for bones

7. Basil – to fight a tendency to polarize sexuality and spirituality

8. Balsam – to heal deep-seated emotions

9. Basil – to bring wholeness by integrating sexuality and spirituality

10. Bur – to focus the aspirant who is on a religious quest

11. Calendula – for those who are afraid of losing mental control (‘going mad’)

12. Celery – a soothing tonic for nervous people

13. Coriander – a digestive tonic for the stomach

14. Bottle brush – to soothe anxiety

15. Bougainvillea – to improve poor self-image and build self-esteem and confidence

16. Calendula – to soften harshness of emotion and words

17. California poppy – to spur to action those who are dreaming for miracles to happen

18. Canna – to cool the over-active mind

19. Chamomile – to reduce moodiness and promote evenness of temperament

20. Champa – to reduce subservience and improve assertiveness

21. Corn – relieves stress occurring due to disorientation

22. Cosmos – to promote better communication, help people to explain their feelings

23. Curry leaf – to reduce and remove tension

24. Drumstick – to regain purpose or direction in life by using one’s qualities in the right way

25. Eucalyptus – useful in cases of claustrophobia

26. Fever few – to reduce hysteria and promote calmness

27. French marigold – to improve the learning capacity of slow learners

28. Gainda – to help soothe, recover and rejuvenate, in case of degeneration

29. Garlic – to remove fears of which a person is aware

30. Geranium – to cheer up those who are unhappy in life

31. Ginger – in case of trauma, either physical injury or mental shock

32. Gooseberry – to soothe insecurities when there are changes and new events

33. Grapefruit – a tonic to soothe and heal nervous stress

34. Gulmohar – a tonic encouraging sexual non-violence

35. Harshringar – reduces inflexibility and promotes agility

36. Hibiscus – to heal in case of extreme anguish

37. Him water – to soften rigidity

38. Holly hock – to combat a lack of trust

39. Jasmine – to rekindle interest in life when everything seems flat

40. Kachanar – to avoid getting stuck with old thoughts and being unable to move on in life

41. Kadam – a healing tonic to promote heart health

42. Lemon – to make a hazy mind sharp

43. Loofah – a tonic to bring softness and glow to the skin

44. Lotus – to promote spiritual understanding

45. Marjoram – to alleviate feelings of loneliness

46. Mogra – a tonic for women

47. Morning glory – to remove negative habits which disturb tranquillity of mind

48. Mulberry – to avoid jealousy and hatred; to love yourself and be happy in life

49. Mustard – to take away sadness when the cause of it is not known

50. Nasturtium – to add sparkle and personality for dry, intellectual people

51. Neem – to pay attention and concentrate during exams

52. Onion – to relax the mind during times of domestic disturbances

53. Oregano – a pain-relieving tonic

54. Ox eye daisy – to have clear vision in life

55. Pansy – to take away fear of viruses

56. Papaya – a tonic enhancing marital bliss

57. Passion flower – a tonic to promote happiness

58. Peach – a tonic for general healing

59. Peepal – to be free of anticipatory fears like the occult

60. Peppermint – to take the right decision when stuck between two things

61. Periwinkle – to reduce impatience

62. Petunia – to help bullies to stop bullying

63. Pine – to uproot feelings of guilt

64. Pomegranate – to help insecure women

65. Poppy red – to help day dreamers to have a sharp focus and become action-oriented

66. Portulaca – a tonic allowing the body and mind to recover from exhaustion and stress

67. Radish – for those who are unable to cope with circumstances

68. Rangoon creeper – for those who are unduly influenced by all types of false gurus and Charlatans

69. Rose red – for those who demands, feel insecure about everything and are never satisfied

70. Salvia – to help those with a phobia for cleanliness

71. Saunf – a tonic to restore and revitalise brain function

72. Snapdragon – to counteract misdirected libido energy

73. Sunflower – to reduce overweening egoism

74. Sweet pea – to make a person rooted and stable, and remove the tendency to wander

75. Tamarind – to counteract the effects of a selfish nature

76. Tube rose – to counteract allergic reactions to any medicine

77. Walnut – to break the remembrance of the past and begin the healing process

78. Water melon – to solve marital problems and when there is no energy for work

79. White poppy – a calming tonic

80. White rose – to acquire social graces and the ability to conduct oneself properly in society

81. Willow – to remove the tendency for self-pity

82. Yarrow – to calm the mind and spirit that is disturbed by life forces

83. Zinnia – when the person feels hopeless and that there is no laughter left in life

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