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Flowers enhance beauty around them, and also have the solution to the emotional and mental distress man faces in his lifestyle. The healing power of flowers was first discovered by Dr. Edward Bach of England in 1930. Taking that further,

Dr. Malti Khaitan introduced the power of flowers called 'Flowercure' remedies, to benefit the Indian climatic conditions. Flower remedies are simply the energy of the flower, in vibration with sunlight. These gently restore the balance between mind and body by casting out negative emotions such as fear, worry, hatred, and indecision which interfere with the equilibrium of the being as a whole.

  • Holistic in nature, restoring emotional balance, which is the root cause.

  • Being yourself is important for ones own wellness.

  • Encourages the individual to be aware, to notice the subtle energy shifts, to be mindful, to integrate and hear the voice of the soul.

They extract the underlying root of the illness, whether physical or emotional. Various symptoms
such as insecurities, anxiety, colds or even a bout of gas have inflicted us all, at some stage in our
lives. These symptoms must be treated, but it is even more important to treat the cause. 

These flower remedies are-

These flower cure remedies heal the physical bodily illnesses right from colds to heat strokes to wounds. It mends the body.

  • Acidity

  • Allergy

  • Arthirietis

  • Back Problem

  • Chest Congestion

These flower cure remedies heal the physical bodily illnesses right from colds to heat strokes to wounds. It mends the body.

  • Acidity

  • Allergy

  • Arthirietis

  • Back Problem

  • Chest Congestion

 California Poppy
Hyperactive, Appears carefree and humorous in order to mask anxieties. They fall prey to drugs easily. Calms stress.  
Aloe Vera
Workaholics, they think they are always right with firm principles. Over enthusiastic. Strong-willed and highly strung. Helps anger
and irritability
Indecisive. They feel misunderstood and swallow their hurt. Poor concentration. Helps in insomnia and tension in
the stomach. 
 Bottle Brush
Helplessness. Terror. They have Deep fear of what will happen. Blind panic. Aids in letting go of addictions. Good for excema too.
Escapists. They are unable to express themselves. Negative thinking, bitterness and resentment. Good for twitching and facial paralysis. 

Flower Cure is a holistic approach towards alternate healing by producing effective Indian flower-centric remedies. This helps eve-love the healing process to become completely natural, free of side effects and holistic by combing  the best from nature.

These are organically grown and hand prepared and work on both, the emotional and physical aspects for the individual. They have proved effective to help balance the mind and soul while easing ailments, sometimes also those of which the body itself is unaware.

Best Sellers
Menstrual Cramps.jpg

This is an alternate therapy – no hindrance with any other medication. It is a wonderful off-the-shelf option for you to ease physical or emotional conditions based on the symptoms of the ailment. Safe and gentle, they can be taken on their own or as a supplement to medications you are already taking.



Today most people define themselves by their careers. Having a successful career is seen as being akin to having a successful life. But along with this come the enormous and varied pressures that one faces at work. It is natural to want to support and boost desirable qualities and dampen those that are obstacles in the path of success.

Win at your careers​

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Release emotional Trauma

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Win at relationships

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Need help in concentration?

Have exams coming up? With the help of Neem in our medicine, help increase

your concentration!


Got a cold or

a bad cough?

With the help of Aloe Vera and Sunflowers, we can help cure your cough and cold


Want to ease your menstrual cramps?

With the help of Ginger as an ingredient in our medicine,

you can help ease your menstrual pains



I am Seema and I live in Noida, Sector 36. I had regular pain in my legs which made it very difficult for me to stand for long durations or walk properly. I even found it difficult to lie down on my own and used the help of others for all small jobs too. That made me feel too dependent and I was unhappy about that. I was introduced to Flowercure, Indian Flower Remedies via a board in my colony and I have now been taking its medicines since the last 6 months. I take them diligently and I have seen a major difference in my health. I am now able to do all my work myself- adeptly and fast. I have neither issues with walking nor any pain. I am so relieved with Flowercure, it has cured my pain and my problem.


Thank you so much Flowercure. 
I am feeling very relaxed after taking the Stress medicines. I think they have done wonders for me. Also, my veracious veins pain has been cured completely. 

Winnie Singh

Executive Director Maitri

Combining the best of all medical options is the best impetus to providing the finest and quality healthcare to the patient. Maitri promotes identity, respect and dignity for all. Maitri works with ageing widows in vrindavan who are in frail health . Widows staying in MaitriGhar ashrams , in Vrindavan and Radhakund, are ailing and above the age of 60 years. They suffer from various illnesses due to old age and modern day medication is not always suitable. Adding the medicines and remedies provided by “ Indian Flower Remedies”, to their existing treatment, was a benefit. Being non-invasive and non-toxic, the medicines provide relief without any negative impact or scary side effects and most Widows reflect a visible change.

Specifically, “I Rescue” and the hyper acidity and sciatica medicines to name a few not only effective but work well in providing immediate relief. Furthermore, remedies made from flowers are preferred, as taking flower essences seem to be a positive source of energy.

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